Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupid people and their perfume!

I had a visitor to the house today who I swear took a bath in her perfume. I noticed it the second she walked in the door and thought to myself "uh oh...this is not going to be good." Sure enough by the time she left 1.5 hours later I had a RAGING headache. Still now 1.5 hours after she is gone I can smell her in the house and I am nauseous and can barely function my head hurts so badly.
The thing that really makes me mad is that I WANTED to work out today. I WANTED to get on the treadmill and use my new shoes again. Ugh. At least I've gotten 3 workouts in this week. I'm going to try to squeeze one in tomorrow. I have to make cakes for my twins for their first birthday photo shoot on Sunday so hopefully while the cakes are cooling I can get on the treadmill.

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