Monday, February 22, 2010

Expert at Excuses

I am an expert at excuses. I can come up with a good one for any situation. It's also a great way to make things "not my fault". It's a great talent to have.
Since I started this blog yesterday and made up my mind to try running, here is a sample of some of the excuses that have gone through my head:
1. I'm too out of shape and won't be able to do it
2. What if I have a really bad headache come running time?
3. I'm also trying to diet...what if I feel weak and lightheaded and can't do it?
4. It's going to hurt my knees/back, etc. too much
5. I could just tell everyone I did it and not really do it
6. What if when my husband comes home I smell sweaty and dirty? How will I continue it as a secret?
7. What if one of the babies cries?
And the list goes on. It's 11am and I plan to try my workout around 3pm. I wonder how much longer the excuse list will get before then?

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