Monday, June 28, 2010

Chest congestion or a convenient excuse?

I am still hacking up a lung and it's been over a month now. It's not continual like it was and overall I'm feeling better but when I exert myself I start coughing. Now I can't decide if I am using this as an excuse to quit and not keep pushing. Let's face it...I've lost my oomph to run. Even before I was sick I wasn't improving as quickly as I would have liked and I was told that I'm not cut out to be a runner. Rather than letting these things motivate me I've been letting them hold me back...and I still am. Natural athletes miss when they don't work out. They notice it in their body and they crave to be able to do it again. Not me. I didn't mind it one bit. It was great being lazy and not having to fit in my run and get sweaty. I loved not running. Now I have to figure out if I want to continue doing something I don't love and have been told (probably truthfully) that I'm not cut out for or if I want to be a quitter. See now why I have kept this a secret from people in my life? I've been running for 6-7 months. Didn't I start this in January? You'd think I'd be better by now. Sigh.
Today I ran 1 mile in 14.5 minutes (slooooow) and then gave up and walked the remainder of the time to get to 30 minutes. Maybe I just am a penguin.

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