Saturday, April 3, 2010

He knows!

Last night my husband was pulling down the sheets for bed (we make our bed every day) and I don't know what exactly happened since I was in the other room but he pulled my tennis shoes out from under the bed and said 'what are these?' Um, my tennis shoes? He said 'where did they come from?' I said, the store. He said, 'you went to the store today?' I said, no, I've had them for months. He said, 'why are they up here?' I said, I use them when I work out. He said, 'you workout?' See how this conversation progressed? Since he started asking questions I told him everything. He was surprised because he didn't think running was 'my thing' and he was surprised that I would want to do something like this. (even though I told him months ago I wanted to). I think he was a little hurt that I had kept it from him. He didn't say he was proud or anything. When I asked him about it he said he would have supported me all along if he had known. We'll see moving forward if he comments on it at all. The one nice thing was that this morning I didn't have to put on my 'mommy uniform' and then change into my workout clothes...I just put on my workout clothes.

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