Friday, May 7, 2010

Slow Walk....take it easy

Recognize the tune of that heading? Today is a miserable, rainy day outside. It must have effected my walk since I only did .83 miles in 30 minutes. I thought I had the speed set the same as always but apparently not.
I wonder if I should consider getting a new treadmill? There is nothing wrong with the one that I have. It functions fine. It's just not very conducive to training. I might have to research prices today.

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  1. Good luck, they are VERY expensive. We bought ours at Dicks Sporting Goods on sale for just under $1000. It was my birthday/anniversary/christmas/mother's day present. Becareful if you see ones that are cheap because many of the cheap ones are made for running, only walking and will fall apart with constant running. Good luck!